Are you an adult wanting to fix your crooked or crowded teeth, but don’t want to wear bulky braces to work, your wedding, or outings with your friends and family? If the answer is yes, then you deserve Invisalign! Here at Koh Orthodontics, we are proud to offer Invisalign, invisible braces designed to straighten teeth without excessive and uncomfortable wires, meaning you can straighten your smile with confidence.

Rather than using metal brackets and wires like traditional braces, the Invisalign system uses a series of custom-made, computer-generated plastic aligners to straighten your smile. Each set of aligners is designed to make small changes to the alignment of the teeth. To track your progress, we will schedule follow up appointments on a regular basis to ensure that your smile is progressing as planned.

Deciding between braces and Invisalign is simple; with Invisalign, there’s no need to worry about cuts from wires, and you can smile confidently from the moment we start treatment. Additionally, because the cost of Invisalign is comparable to braces, many patients are making the Invisalign choice, and we hope you decide to make that choice too.

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