Lightyears ahead of traditional orthodontics

Koh Orthodontics is excited to be one of the first providers of LightForce braces in Seattle. Our tech-forward approach is all about you. We pride ourselves on using groundbreaking technology that allows us to spend more one-on-one time with each patient to create fully customizable treatment plans. By using technology like Lightforce, our aim is to make your orthodontic experience as personalized and seamless as possible.

One Size Fits You

Rather than one-size-fits all, with Lightforce you’ll get a set of fully unique braces, custom made and mapped specifically for your teeth.

LightForce braces are customized, 3D-printed braces that blend cutting-edge technology with digital treatment planning. Unlike traditional braces, each individual LightForce bracket is 3D printed to create a perfect fit for each individual tooth. Dr. Koh is able to place each tooth-specific bracket in the exact spot needed. This makes what were once complicated orthodontic maneuvers, easier and quicker. We love the extra level of precision and customizations, and our patients love how it helps simplify their treatments.

The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Faster and more efficient
    With fewer patient visits and a fully digital workflow, LightForce enables Dr. Koh to reach new levels of efficiency without sacrificing quality or comfort.
  • Customized for you
    Every bracket is custom made and mapped to each individual tooth in your smile. No need to worry about ill-fitting brackets, manual bonding, and unnecessarily lengthy treatments.
  • More comfortable
    When every detail is customized to your smile, you can count on a more comfortable experience.
  • Fully digital planning
    Planning for LightForce braces is entirely digital, meaning no uncomfortable impressions or plaster models. LightForce’s advanced technology and engineering results in high precision and reliable results, ensuring your treatment stays on track.

Get Started!

Lightforce is available for adults, kids and teens. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to learn how LightForce can help you achieve your dream smile.

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